Clinton Theft Of White House Furnishings

Jul 07, 2016  · WND EXCLUSIVE 25 and counting: Hillary’s huge scandal list explodes Does America really want 2 Clintons back in White House…

So now we taxpayers can pay for your $1.75 million in new furniture and redecorating. Back in 2010, the then-White House told USA Today that their redecorating funds were "in line with" the Bush and Clinton redesigns. However,

According to accounts of the final days of the Clinton administration, Hothem told chief White House usher Gary Walters that multiple items of furniture were "the Clintons’ personal property" even though they were not. The Clintons would.

How To Avoid Identity Theft” at 1 p.m. Feb. 7. a print of the Hilgendorf Service Station circa 1935 for $10; the E.C. White House circa 1955 for $10 and a color.

Donald Trump was named TIME’s Person of the Year 2016

Watch video · Hillary Clinton allegedly swiped furniture from. Hillary Clinton Accused of Stealing Furniture. After she and husband Bill Clinton left the White House.

Corruption and theft. Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama. The Clintons and Obama, unlike Bush and Trump, are self-aware and therefore cynical, but all.

The fraud consisted, in essence, of concealing from federal agents and investigators the true role of Hubbell, the Rose law firm, and Hillary Clinton in Castle Grande. Out of respect for the White House. Grande document theft and.

Clintons Shipped Furniture Year Ago White House Usher Doubted Ownership By George Lardner Jr. Washington Post Staff Writer Saturday, February 10, 2001; Page A01 President Bill Clinton and his wife started shipping furniture from the White House to the Clintons’ newly purchased home in New York more than a year ago, despite questions.

When Clinton-Gore staffers showed up for work in 1993, they found offices in disarray, computers disabled, and office furniture helpfully decorated with numerous Bush-Quayle bumper stickers. It appears that in this transition, the.

US President Donald Trump has called the White. furniture. “People have no idea the beauty of the White House. The real beauty of the White House,” Trump earlier said. Meanwhile, taking aim at the US President, former first daughter.

First Lady Hillary Clinton pressured Deputy White House Counsel Vince Foster and Webb Hubbell to use military force in resolving the Waco standoff due to the.

COVENTRY, R.I. — Local and state fire investigators were at the ruins of a small house at 22 Colonial Rd. on Saturday, trying to determine what caused a fire there.

The Senate and House, with the backing of the White House, are working on bipartisan legislation. Department’s undersecretary for export administration under President Bill Clinton. And for many who have watched China easily.

Several white supremacists insisted that anyone distancing themselves from Kessler were cucks and traitors to the cause of white nationalism. The term cucks has been.

4 years ago White House Cutlery Thief Bill Clinton Jokes About Stealing WH Property. Campaigning in Kentucky today, Bill Clinton made.

Feb 06, 2001  · Faced with a growing Sofagate scandal, former President Bill Clinton and Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton said yesterday they will return any furniture that.

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9. Benghazi: Four Americans died and Hillary Clinton lied. 10. When her husband left office, the Clintons looted the White House of furniture and priceless historic artifacts. Aside from the fact she should be in prison, what in the.

And since the Secret Service was guarding Clinton’s home, an email server there would have been well protected from theft or a physical. named by a former White House chief usher as saying the Clintons were permitted to take.

Surely a rich harvest awaits the intrepid journalist investigator, but major news media will never take on the Clinton record. The treatment of Sandy Berger’s theft of classified. and her minions stole White House furnishings and.

Anti-theft trunks Here’s a thought. Republican leadership in Congress is either complicit in that effort or afraid to stand up to the White House. Given those realities, there is a very real risk that special counsel Robert Mueller’s.

Tammy Baldwin, said Friday that Democratic National Committee failures “led to an unfair process” in the 2016 primaries that made Hillary Clinton the party’s White House nominee. be apoplectic of the complete theft of the Dem.

Donald Trump has lambasted Hillary Clinton as a "world-class liar" in a speech attacking the former Secretary of State. The Republican White House candidate accused his Democratic rival of "theft" while she was America’s top.

Trump is racking up the costs on his White House redecoration. The president’s administration is reportedly spending $1.75 million on furniture for the White. room had been redecorated was during the Clinton.

May 18, 2015  · WND EXCLUSIVE Here they are: Hillary’s 22 biggest scandals ever Does America really want ‘2 Clintons for price of 1’ back in White House? Published: 05/18.

Hillary Diane Rodham was born on October 26, 1947, at Edgewater Hospital in Chicago, Illinois. Clinton was raised in a United Methodist family that first lived in.

Damage to the White House during trasition from Clinton to. the offices of the White House to find that there had. and furniture in about.

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A newly-released batch of FBI documents publicized on Monday revealed that Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton has been accused by a former member of her security detail of stealing government-owned furniture. with.

When leaving the White House at the end of the Clinton administration, she took some dishes and furniture. The Clintons screwed the people of Arkansas for big money in Whitewater. She used her position to email hundreds of.

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The Clintons were reported to have made off with a good deal of White House furnishings. Bill and Hillary Clinton steal from the whitehouse when they left office?

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Damage to the White House during trasition from Clinton to. the offices of the White House to find that there had. and furniture in about.

Jul 06, 2007  · The Washington Post quoted two donors in Monday’s editions as saying the furnishings they gave were intended for the White House, not the Clintons. They were Steve Mittman of New York, whose donation was valued at $19,900; and Joy Ficks of Cincinnati, who gave $3,650 worth.

Pranks and Comments from Former Clinton. furniture in the White House complex. provide any documentation they had regarding damage or theft.

Shortly after this release, Williams began his campaign to be recognized as Bill Clinton’s son. Williams has other convictions for car theft as well as child support. During Bill Clinton’s run for the White House in 2000, the.